Have you heard about sustainability 2.0?

It’s been six months since we started spreading the word about Sustainability 2.0, a book we at El Viaje de Odiseo consultancy firm wrote on topics of sustainable development, Web 2.0 / social media and collective intelligence.

During this time we mapped the web to find relevant conversations on these same topics, looking to start interacting with those who were also talking about combining sustainable development practices with social media possibilities. We got to know blogs, groups, websites, forums and people that would help us continue down this way. And we started talking with all of them, in some sort of wide network about sustainability 2.0.

This gave us the opportunity to start our own conversation – mainly through this blog -, seeing where that would lead us.

Our next steps will be to follow our research: have you heard of companies pulling an enterprise 2.0? Do you have ideas on what sustainability 2.0 should represent? Do you think of ways social networking, citizen participation and sustainable practices could join? We want to know, and make of this blog an online hub where all things “sus2.0″ will be discussed.

And we want the conversation to happen in an active, dynamic and participative manner. So we will be giving you opportunities to speak and do. Thanks for joining us!


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