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Recently, the Guardian presented a new corporate initiative to spread the word about their sustainable practices and how they aim at changing society as a company recognized by its voice: Living our Values.

The goal of this report is for their many stakeholders to get to know what they stand for and how they are moving forward on sustainability. Living our Values is an annual audit on social, ethical and environmental attitudes and actions, and they declare themselves as the first media company to do something of these proportions.

Jo Confino, Executive Editor of the Guardian and Head of Sustainable Development for Guardian News and Media described it better:
“The Guardian has a clear purpose to deliver high quality independent liberal journalism in the pursuit of social justice. This website seeks to show our stakeholders how we live up to our core values, and particularly our commitment to sustainable development and responsible business practice.”

What’s more, they are ready to go further with Web 2.0 technology, to keep their readers updated and to open up the dialogue about it all through an online community that invites you to discuss what values are they (and we) living in

Could there be that a media voicing sustainability 2.0 is just what we need to take best practices, new technologies and collective intelligence to more companies and more people?

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