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At the end of 2006, the world premiere of An Inconvenient Truth establishes the issue of worldwide climate change as a reality – and not just as the obsession or paranoia of a few scientists and activists. That same year, Wal-Mart announces its commitment to sustainability, driving more than 60,000 companies to modify their production processes in order to satisfy this chain-store giant. Meanwhile the number of civil action organizations grows at an ever-faster rate, looking to find solutions for urgent issues: poverty, environmental protection, defense of human rights, and the preservation of democracy.
The advancement of a generation that is not simply awaiting change, but that is instead attempting to produce it, is perceived: the Net Gen, youth born into the digital age, who believe in participation, cooperation and transparency to build a new paradigm. With Web 2.0 as their natural communications tool, the Net Gen and social organizations are behind an associative revolution around the values of sustainable development, aiming at remolding the behavior of companies and society as a whole.
Sustainability is defined as a way of development that does not compromise the capacity of future generations for living in this planet. On the other hand, Web 2.0 is the new technological generation based on user communities, social networks, blogs, wikis, and applications that encourage dynamic participation. Following those criteria, sustainability 2.0 profits from collaboration and collective intelligence empowered by new technologies and social networks to find that balance in development.
This book gathers all the knowledge gained surrounding these topics, during these years of investigation, journeys, interviews and experiences. It was finished by the Odiseo consultancy team in August 2007.

The author


Ernesto van Peborgh is a consultant specializing in communications for sustainable development through the participative media and the scope of Web 2.0.
He holds an MBA from Harvard University. He was a founding partner and investment fund director in Argentine Venture Partners (AVP), AIG Southern Cone Fund, and was Vice President of Citicorp Equity Investments. He has served as a professor at the Argentine Catholic University (UCA) and in the MBA program at the University of Belgrano (UB) in Buenos Aires, among other activities.
Get in touch with Ernesto at ernesto@sustainabilitythebook.com.



El Viaje de Odiseo is a communications consultancy firm specializing in new media, working from Buenos Aires for Brazil, the US and European countries.
Odiseo researches on global trends regarding sustainable development, citizen organizations proposing new solutions to social issues, and the rising of the Web 2.0. The firm develops communication strategies for companies to start a new dialogue with their stakeholders (workers, shareholders, clients, suppliers, civil and government organizations) through new participative media.

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